TDUB was created by professional motocross racer Todd Waters. 

When the world stopped in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic, it made many entertainers & sports people suddenly unemployed. 

Not one to sit on his arse, Todd put a longstanding idea into action. To make his very own motocross gear range. 

Because I was tired of being told what gear I had to wear.

Because I didn't want to represent mass produced, ugly kits from overseas companies.

Because I wanted gear with a race fit & an aspect of durability.

Because I wanted to create something more than me...a brand, a product, a story.

It's an exclusive gear brand, run by Todd & his family. Small batch numbers, sold from their online platform & by select dealers (reputable stores run by honest, beautiful motocross enthusiasts, hand selected by Todd). Each order packed with joy from Todd's very own hands or his fiance's & little daughter's. 

Clever, durable, functional and stylish. The core range is simple... one pant, three jerseys. Designed to withstand the harsh Aussie conditions & climate. A gear range that gives you more than just something to ride in. It's a gear range that gives you the chance to support something home grown. 

'Tried & tested. Worn & washed. For you, by me.' Todd Waters