Custom Jersey Print (ADULT SIZE)

Custom Jersey Print (ADULT SIZE)

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We choose to heat press SKDA jersey prints onto your choice of TDUB jersey. SKDA prints are made with the finest Heat Press material, to ensure durability, long life, and colour strength wash after wash. You can wash your jerseys with the prints on them, and the colors will not fade / wash out. If you find your prints are becoming crinkled at all, you can simply cover them with baking paper and re-iron them, to regain that flat neat finish.

Customise with your name, number & colour. All our jersey prints are the same style, because, well .... we think it looks mad! 


1. Choose your favourite jersey 

2. Add Custom Jersey Print (ADULT SIZE) to your shopping cart

3. Checkout & complete your order

4. Get in touch. Send an email to with the NAME & NUMBER you want on your jersey. We'll print & heat press it onto your jersey

5. Receive your parcel, tear it open, get ya gear on! 

Please allow an extra 7-10 days for your jersey + custom jersey print to arrive at your door. Beautiful things, take time.